Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sterling Chapter 1

Once I got off the bus I walked the rest of the way home because those giggling girls where pissing me off mostly it was there giggling that annoyed me but it was the fact that the dyed blonde hair girl was flirting with that cute guy. But lucky for me the guy never flirted back to the blonde. He spoke so softly and quietly that I couldn't make out the words. But the sound of his voice was like low and husky, it makes me like of a guy after having sex like how they sound. I caught him looking at me threw his dark sun glasses. Well I didn't know if he was looking at me I could just feel like he was. Like I could feel his eyes watching my every move but I could have just imaged that. I opened the black iron gate and walked down the stone pathway my grandfather made. I looked at the old house that I grew up in. I loved this house with all my heart, it's the safest place on earth for a freak like me. The house just a normal three bedroom house with a huge back yard that had lots of flowers and a blossom tree. I walked into the house and I smelled cookies...chocolate chip cookie.

"Granny I'm home!" I called to her. Well I yelled cause granny was losing her hearing, which sucked big time but that is the price with being old I guess. I took off my hoodie and hanged it up then I pulled off my black UGG boots.

"Rose I have chocolate chip cookie just out the oven if you want some!" she yelled back at me. I smiled cause I love her cookie. They like melt in your mouth when you eat them, I remember as a child I use to suck out all the chocolate chips and eat the cookie then the chocolate chips last. Granddad use to, well still calls me Cookie cause I love cookies so much.

"Yeah I'd love some, please." I said as I walked into the cream kitchen. I sat at the small woodland table there and picked up my mail. I just had some bills to pay for my store cards and that was all the mail I had. I have a really bad habit of paying for my clothes with my store cards but I just can't stop myself when there is a sale on. Granny put a plate of cookies in front of me and kissed my head.

"Thanks Granny!" I said loudly just so she could hear me. Then I picked up a mouth watering but hot cookie and took a huge bit of it. I moan softly in pleasure cause they where that good!

"So how was your day Rosie?" Granny asked me as she sat down next to me at the table. She picked up a cookie too.

" was alright I guess." I shrugged not really wanting to tell granny about that boy for some reason I didn't want to tell her. Which was weird cause I tell her everything. I frowned a little as I chewed the cookie and wondered why I didn't want to tell granny. The woman gave me the birds and the bees talk when I was 13 for petes sake! I should be able to tell her that I saw a really hot guy on the bus.

"Something wrong, dear?" Granny asked me. I just shook my head as I chewed. If there is one thing I have learned off them is to never talk with your mouth full. When I finished one cookie I stood up as I picked up my black leather bag.

"I have homework to do for college, granny." I hugged the old woman and walked out the kitchen before she could ask what's wrong.

"Okay dear. I dinner is in an hour, alrighty?!"Granny called.

"Got it!" I called back to her as I jogged up the stairs and to my room. I walked into my pale blue and pale pink room and closed the door. I walked over to my bed and put my bag on it then I turned up the volume on my radio clock and the sound of Radio borders filled my room. I smiled as one of my favourite songs came on. Howl by Florence and the machines. It's such an awesome song. I unpacked my bag and started to do my homework. I had to do a paper for English, what interested me, so I've choose sexuality and how it affects our state of mind.

After dinner, which was very yummy, I went online to see if any of my friends where on facebook. Yes! Emma, Kyle, Laura, Mikey and Gemma are all online! I just got a messages.
Emma Jones: Hey Rose get on Yahoo! Now we all need to have a huge convo, like now!!! love Emma xxx

Wow she must have huge gossip to have us all on Yahoo! conference. I shrugged and logged into Yahoo! then I clicked yes to the conferences, my username is ScottishRose.

Hotbabe09: Okay is everyone here?
earthywind: Yeah I am
Pizzaman: Okay Em whats up?
Twilightmonkey: ???? tell women!!!!!!!
ScottishRose: Emma what is going on, huh???? O.O
K_Man800: Yeah Emma what the hell is going on? I do have a life ya know.
Hotbabe09: Well if you must know I have the best gossip of the year!!! :P

I wondered what she meant by that but I was all excited to find out. I love Emma's gosspi cause she always gets it right but none of us know where she gets her infomation from.

ScottishRose: TELL, TELL, TELL, TELL, TELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hotbabe09: *giggles* Okay I'll tell all!
Hotbade09: Now I found out from my mum that she sold a new house to this family, who are like all like English! :O I mean like really English but they are all like fucking hot!
earthywind: Oooooohhhh fresh blood ^^ Cool
Twilightmonkey: Any hot guys? I mean not that Mikey and Kyle aren't hot :)
Pizzaman: Oh gee thanks Gemma *rolls eyes* Okay any hot gals?
K_Man800: Yeah thanks Gemma >.> anyways answer the mans question Emma!!
Hotbabe09: Well there is this drop dead hottie with blond hair but I thinks he's gay cause he never flirted back *sighs* And yeah there is a hot girl. I think mum said the hottie and the girl are brother and sister.

I froze after reading Emma's comment about the hottie with blond hair."No can't be the same guy...could it?"I mumbled to myself.

ScottishRose: Hey guys I got to go and get some college work done. See ya all tomorrow, love ya all xxxx.

I signed out of Yahoo! and facebook as fast as I could. I didn't want to talk to my friends about this. For some reason I knew it was the same guy from the bus and I should have known that Emma would have had news about that. I guess it comes with having a mother who runs her own estate agencies.

I got off my comfy computer chair and walked over to my bed and I sat down with a sigh. I laid back on my bed with a groan and I wondered why I didn't tell my friends I that I've seen that guy before. But I guess I should go back online and tell them but then that would mean giving up that memory of the guy with the sunshine for hair.

I wondered what my mother would say if she was here. Would she give me advice that all mum's say to there daughters? Or would she...wait why the hell am I thinking about my mother? I sat up and got ready for bed. I mean my parents left me when I was only a week old! I was only a baby, it's not like I could go out and get a job, what was I meant to do? From what granny told me when I use to ask her why I didn't have any parents. She use to tell me that my parents loved me but they had to leave me cause they where very busy people. But as I got older granny and granddad told me the true. That my parents couldn't handle me and after a week of my birth they gave me to my grandparents, so they could look after me. I don't even know what my parents are called because my grandparents won't talk about them anymore cause it upset all of us. But I thank god every night for giving me my grandparents and the life I have but most of all I'm glad that they adopted me when I was only a little girl.
I turned off the radio, set my alarm and counted sleep as I fell asleep.

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