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My Short Stories: Sterling Chapter 1

My Short Stories: Sterling Chapter 1: Once I got off the bus I walked the rest of the way home because those giggling girls where pissing me off mostly it was there giggling tha...

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sterling Chapter 1

Once I got off the bus I walked the rest of the way home because those giggling girls where pissing me off mostly it was there giggling that annoyed me but it was the fact that the dyed blonde hair girl was flirting with that cute guy. But lucky for me the guy never flirted back to the blonde. He spoke so softly and quietly that I couldn't make out the words. But the sound of his voice was like low and husky, it makes me like of a guy after having sex like how they sound. I caught him looking at me threw his dark sun glasses. Well I didn't know if he was looking at me I could just feel like he was. Like I could feel his eyes watching my every move but I could have just imaged that. I opened the black iron gate and walked down the stone pathway my grandfather made. I looked at the old house that I grew up in. I loved this house with all my heart, it's the safest place on earth for a freak like me. The house just a normal three bedroom house with a huge back yard that had lots of flowers and a blossom tree. I walked into the house and I smelled cookies...chocolate chip cookie.

"Granny I'm home!" I called to her. Well I yelled cause granny was losing her hearing, which sucked big time but that is the price with being old I guess. I took off my hoodie and hanged it up then I pulled off my black UGG boots.

"Rose I have chocolate chip cookie just out the oven if you want some!" she yelled back at me. I smiled cause I love her cookie. They like melt in your mouth when you eat them, I remember as a child I use to suck out all the chocolate chips and eat the cookie then the chocolate chips last. Granddad use to, well still calls me Cookie cause I love cookies so much.

"Yeah I'd love some, please." I said as I walked into the cream kitchen. I sat at the small woodland table there and picked up my mail. I just had some bills to pay for my store cards and that was all the mail I had. I have a really bad habit of paying for my clothes with my store cards but I just can't stop myself when there is a sale on. Granny put a plate of cookies in front of me and kissed my head.

"Thanks Granny!" I said loudly just so she could hear me. Then I picked up a mouth watering but hot cookie and took a huge bit of it. I moan softly in pleasure cause they where that good!

"So how was your day Rosie?" Granny asked me as she sat down next to me at the table. She picked up a cookie too.

" was alright I guess." I shrugged not really wanting to tell granny about that boy for some reason I didn't want to tell her. Which was weird cause I tell her everything. I frowned a little as I chewed the cookie and wondered why I didn't want to tell granny. The woman gave me the birds and the bees talk when I was 13 for petes sake! I should be able to tell her that I saw a really hot guy on the bus.

"Something wrong, dear?" Granny asked me. I just shook my head as I chewed. If there is one thing I have learned off them is to never talk with your mouth full. When I finished one cookie I stood up as I picked up my black leather bag.

"I have homework to do for college, granny." I hugged the old woman and walked out the kitchen before she could ask what's wrong.

"Okay dear. I dinner is in an hour, alrighty?!"Granny called.

"Got it!" I called back to her as I jogged up the stairs and to my room. I walked into my pale blue and pale pink room and closed the door. I walked over to my bed and put my bag on it then I turned up the volume on my radio clock and the sound of Radio borders filled my room. I smiled as one of my favourite songs came on. Howl by Florence and the machines. It's such an awesome song. I unpacked my bag and started to do my homework. I had to do a paper for English, what interested me, so I've choose sexuality and how it affects our state of mind.

After dinner, which was very yummy, I went online to see if any of my friends where on facebook. Yes! Emma, Kyle, Laura, Mikey and Gemma are all online! I just got a messages.
Emma Jones: Hey Rose get on Yahoo! Now we all need to have a huge convo, like now!!! love Emma xxx

Wow she must have huge gossip to have us all on Yahoo! conference. I shrugged and logged into Yahoo! then I clicked yes to the conferences, my username is ScottishRose.

Hotbabe09: Okay is everyone here?
earthywind: Yeah I am
Pizzaman: Okay Em whats up?
Twilightmonkey: ???? tell women!!!!!!!
ScottishRose: Emma what is going on, huh???? O.O
K_Man800: Yeah Emma what the hell is going on? I do have a life ya know.
Hotbabe09: Well if you must know I have the best gossip of the year!!! :P

I wondered what she meant by that but I was all excited to find out. I love Emma's gosspi cause she always gets it right but none of us know where she gets her infomation from.

ScottishRose: TELL, TELL, TELL, TELL, TELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hotbabe09: *giggles* Okay I'll tell all!
Hotbade09: Now I found out from my mum that she sold a new house to this family, who are like all like English! :O I mean like really English but they are all like fucking hot!
earthywind: Oooooohhhh fresh blood ^^ Cool
Twilightmonkey: Any hot guys? I mean not that Mikey and Kyle aren't hot :)
Pizzaman: Oh gee thanks Gemma *rolls eyes* Okay any hot gals?
K_Man800: Yeah thanks Gemma >.> anyways answer the mans question Emma!!
Hotbabe09: Well there is this drop dead hottie with blond hair but I thinks he's gay cause he never flirted back *sighs* And yeah there is a hot girl. I think mum said the hottie and the girl are brother and sister.

I froze after reading Emma's comment about the hottie with blond hair."No can't be the same guy...could it?"I mumbled to myself.

ScottishRose: Hey guys I got to go and get some college work done. See ya all tomorrow, love ya all xxxx.

I signed out of Yahoo! and facebook as fast as I could. I didn't want to talk to my friends about this. For some reason I knew it was the same guy from the bus and I should have known that Emma would have had news about that. I guess it comes with having a mother who runs her own estate agencies.

I got off my comfy computer chair and walked over to my bed and I sat down with a sigh. I laid back on my bed with a groan and I wondered why I didn't tell my friends I that I've seen that guy before. But I guess I should go back online and tell them but then that would mean giving up that memory of the guy with the sunshine for hair.

I wondered what my mother would say if she was here. Would she give me advice that all mum's say to there daughters? Or would she...wait why the hell am I thinking about my mother? I sat up and got ready for bed. I mean my parents left me when I was only a week old! I was only a baby, it's not like I could go out and get a job, what was I meant to do? From what granny told me when I use to ask her why I didn't have any parents. She use to tell me that my parents loved me but they had to leave me cause they where very busy people. But as I got older granny and granddad told me the true. That my parents couldn't handle me and after a week of my birth they gave me to my grandparents, so they could look after me. I don't even know what my parents are called because my grandparents won't talk about them anymore cause it upset all of us. But I thank god every night for giving me my grandparents and the life I have but most of all I'm glad that they adopted me when I was only a little girl.
I turned off the radio, set my alarm and counted sleep as I fell asleep.

Sterling - Prologue

On the bus again, the seat next to me was empty again. No one stay sat next to me, I think there scared of me. The girl with weird, cold eyes that no on talks to. It's not my fault I was born with these weird eyes, it's my parents fault. Yeah the same parents that left me when I was only one week old because they couldn't handle me. I sighed and shook my head to get rid of my thoughts of my parents. The bus stopped and two old ladies got off as three teenage girls gigging as they got on the bus. I sighed again because I knew they where going to be loud and noises until I get off or they do. Those girls sat at the back of the bus, trying to act cool. I looked up to see a guy get on the bus, a really cute guy get on the bus. I hoped he would sit next to me but I got rid of that thought when I reminded myself of my eyes. So I shrugged and looked back down at my book but I wasn't reading the words I was thinking about that guy. I looked at him threw my eyes lashes. He was just wow and I mean wow. He had short blond hair it was like the colour of sunshine, he was tall and well build too. He had a nice tan which was rare for Scotland but maybe he went to a tanning salon or maybe just use spray on tan, I thought. I never saw he eyes because he was wearing dark sunglasses which made him look dangerous with his broken in dark and white t-shirt and his black wore out leather jacket. I knew I was being silly drooling over some guy but I couldn't help it he was just! I looked back down at my book when he looked at me or I think he looked at me. I wasn't sure at all but one thing I was sure of is that I would that this guy was going to turn my life upside down.

The night after and before 2

I sat at the kitchen table that I share with my two roommates Mark and Seth. Mark came into the kitchen and looked at me with a weird look.
"Kim you okay? You look so out of it?"he said as he frowned. Mark was always a worrier but I loved him for it, he was like my fairy gaymother.
"Yeah, I...was just thinking of last night."I shrugged. But what a night I had! I never drank last night because I hate the smell of alcohol, I know that’s weird but it was true, sadly. Mark was going on about classes and I just nodded pretending to listen.

I could remember the night well and boy did I love it! Me and my mates went to Lorna's house for some drinks, most of my friends who are girls are lesbians. I know most guys would think that is soo hot but it's not, we just like normal girls. Anyways we all talked about work, family, guys but then the convention turned to sex, like it always dose. Each of us took a turn to tell everyone the best sex they had that week, but of course me, sadly was only fucking was my pink rabbit vibrator.
The girls all laughed at me for my lack of sex story but I laughed with them, I was never embarrassed about my lack of sex life, really I wasn't, I just miss the rush of that first orgasm that hits you like a bus that lasted for so long that you didn't know your known name. I sat on Mel's black leather sofa with a glass of cream soda, I took a sip while Eve told everyone that she had a threesome with girls, the rest of the girls and I didn't believe her but she had recorded the whole thing.
We all watched it and I was...well....
kinda of.....sort of...turned on by watching those two girls fuck Eve. I have never ever been into girls in a sexual way but after watching show? I wanted to have sex with a girl. You know just to try it out cause I've had wet dreams of me and another girl, and those dreams I looked like I was having a good time, a really good time.

Anyway while I nodded to whatever Mark was going on about my mind was still on last night. After the video we where all in silence for a good 2 minutes before we all looked at Eve and she had a smug look on her face.
"Told you all I wasn't lying."she smiled snugly. Then we all nodded unable to talk at the point until Joanna spoke,"Drinks anyone?". And everyone but me nodded, then Joanna went to the kitchen with Becca to get more comso.
I hand a hand threw my pink hair, which was so dyed that way cause I wanted pink hair but everyone hates. And that is the reason my ex-boyfriend,Terry split up with me about two weeks ago but he doesn't know what he is missing. He never knew what I liked in sex, all he cared about was cuming and that was that. He never did oral sex with me but yet I had to give him a blow job, which was so unfair. We where never advantageous with me, no 69, sex toys, nothing. I hated him for that, he says he loved me but come on if your going to love someone at least you could do was make 'hot sweat sex' with me and not ' fuck her until the man cums first then stop and pass her her vibrator sex'. And that’s what he use to do with me, just fuck me, not every well may I say, until he cums then he would pull out of me and pass me my pink vibrator and say,"Finish yourself off love cause I'm tired." Then he would go get dressed and go to the pub and drink with his friends then come back home drunk!What a pig he was, sorry still is from what I hear! God I hate men, well all but not the gay ones because the gay guys are like my fairy godmother.

I shook my head and focused my thoughts on last night and not my pig of an ex-boyfriend. Anyway when Becca and Joanna came back with the comso and another cream soda for me. I thanked Joanna for my soda then I took a sip as everyone talks about something, I really wasn't listening to them my mind at the time was on having sex with a girl. I know but I wanted to try it, just to see if I liked it or not. I thought of all the lesbian bar in the city and there where only two. one was called 'Pink' and the other was called 'Angels'.

"Hey, Kim snap out of it. Everyone is going now."Lorna said to me.
I looked around and saw that was the only one int he living room, everyone had left. I sighed and stood up,"See ya Lorna."
"Hey you okay? You looked out of it the whole night."she sat me back down then sat next to me and held my hand, which she dose a lot. Lorna is a very touchy feely kinda person and I never minded it.
"Yeah...well not really. I can't stop...thinking about the tape Eve showed us. I mean I've never been with a girl before and I'm scared to try it, Lorna. What if I'm no good at it or I meant another Terry?" I babbled as I held her hands tightly in mind. Lorna had always been a good friend to me, even though she is Terry's cousin. But she hates Terry with a passion...well Lorna hates all men really. She always has after she got raped three years ago, that was when I was only friends with Terry but I was best friends with Lorna.
Lorna sighed,"Sweetie listen to me, if you want to try out that whole lesbian thing then go for it. I'll go with you to Pink or Angels and we'll have a good time. And maybe some hot lesbian will hit on you."she smiles at me but her eyes where sad looking.
"Thanks Lorna, your the best."I smiled and we hugged each other tightly, like we always do. Lorna rubbed my back as we held each other hold while I ran my hand threw her hair.
"Any time, sweetie. You need a break from men and maybe..." she pulled back so our face's where only an inch apart and she licked her lips,"Being with a girl could be that break." she blushed.
"Yeah, your right as always."I smiled at her.
"And maybe I...could be that girl."she whispered before she kissed me lightly. I froze, I didn't know what to do or...anything. Lorna pulled back and looked down.
"I'm so sorry Kim. I...didn't mean to...but I've wanted to do that since I first saw you."she blushed deep red.
I looked at her studded out of my mind that Lorna wanted me." Lorna...I umm..." I didn't know what to say or do.
Lorna pulled back from me and stood up,"I think you should go, Kim."her voice was so lifeless.
I stood up,"Not without this." I said as I wrapped my arms around her neck, pulling her to me, to that our bodies where crushed together and then I kissed her lightly.

Lorna froze for a second but kissed me back as she wrapped her arms around my middle and ran her hands up and down my back. I shivered as she did that, so I ran my hands threw her hair as we kissed. Lorna slipped her tongue into my mouth and rubbed it along my tongue, so I rubbed her tongue with mine. We kissed for a bit until we really needed air but when Lorna pulled back it was only an inch.
"Been do that since we first met."she panted as she tried to get her breath back. She nuzzled her nose to mine.
"Really?" I breathed as I nuzzled my nose to her's. I had my hands on her cute ass and she had her hands under the back of my shirt. I blushed deep red.

Lorna,"God yes, I was so jealous of you and Terry that's why I kinda never saw you as much. I couldn't stand to see his male hands touching your body." she ran her hands up my back to the back of my bra, she started to unclasps it,"I'll make love to you if you let me, I'll show you how good it can be with a woman."she said seductively as she did feather kisses over my neck.
I shivered and I was getting turned on.

"T-Take it off, please."I begged her. She smiled at me as she unhooked my bra then she pulled off my shirt and pulled off my bra. And then I lost my lesbian virginity to the girl of my dreams, Lorna.

We laid on the living room floor naked, sweaty and just holding each other,"Wow." I breathed as I nuzzled my face on her breasts.
Lorna shivered,"You where wonderful, Kim."she smiles then kissed my head. I looked up at her and smiles. We fell to sleep a little while later for a long time, well what felt like a long time.

Lorna woke up and woke me up,"Sweetie, I have work but I'll come over to yours later, though."she kissed me lightly on the lips.
I kissed her back,"You better come over, dear."I smiled then we both got up and shared a shower together and in the shower we had sex again, which was even more wonderful than the first time. We both got dressed then she gave me a lift home, we kissed each other good bye and I got out the car and waved good bye to her. I walked up the path to the small two bedroom house I share with Mark and his boyfriend Seth.

"I'm home guys!" I called.
Mark walked down the stair and hugged him,"Honey you look ruff."he chuckled then walked to the kitchen.
"Ha, funny gaylord."I mocked as I followed him into the small kitchen which was a bright blue and white. I sat at the table and watched Mark make breakfast.
"So how was your night?"he asked as he fried the bacon and sausages.
"I...well it was fine." I blushed and looked down.
Mark looked at me,"Did someone get some?"his mouth twitched into a almost smile.
I shrugged and thought of last night.
Mark,"Honey you okay?"he asked for the 5th time then he sat down next to me and took my hand gently held it."Tell me what happen, Kim."he said softly.
Then I told him all about last night with Eve's tape, the sex stories and me and Lorna, by the time I finished I looked at him with a little worry because Mark and Seth have been very worried about me that I might be a old spinster and have a lot of cats.
Mark hugged me,"Thank god! I thought you might have gotten raped or gotten back together with Terry."he held me tightly just as Seth walked in.
"Hey baby, Kim. What's going on?"he tilted his head a little just as Mark let go of me.
"Kim is a lesbian."he smiled,"She and Lorna fucked each other last night."
"Oh my god! Tell me everything, Kim and I mean everything."He sat on the other side of me and held my other hand gently.
I smiled and told Seth all about my night. I was really happy I had Mark and Seth because they where like my rainbow when it rains but Lorna was my sun when it is gloomy.


The night after and before

I was laying on my single bed with the rainbow covers still wearing my from last night, my make-up was smudged all over my face. I could still feel the buzz of the alcohol from last night and what a night it was. I was lucky that I could remember that no amount of alcohol could affect me memory. I could remember everything, every smell, taste, sound and touch. That was the night she lost my virginity to her girlfriend, Lisa, who I loves. We met two months at a Christmas party at her college, she was wearing a red short dress with silver tinsel in her ginger hair. I was wearing a silver shiny dress with blue tinsel in my blond hair. I danced with her, we laughed and had a good time. I never use to like girls in a sexual way before but Lisa was different, I felt things I never thought I could for a girl. She and I exchanged phone numbers at the end of the night and then we where texting, IMing and calling each other all the time. My mother called me a love stuck gal but she didn't know that I was interested in a girl. Finally after a two month of chatting and hanging out, we when on a date to a party, she needed one and couldn't find one so I said I was go with her. I was so happy that I would be going on a date will Lisa, the only girl I liked more than a friend.

I waited for her and when I heard a knock at my door I answered and was shocked. Lisa was wearing a tight blue,low cut, short, strapless dress with sliver . She smiled and took my hand and dragged me out my apartment and to the taxi, we got in and chatted on the way to the party.
When we got to the party I noticed that this was a lesbian party, I swollen as I remember this. I got hit on by so many girls that I ended up staying close to Lisa cause I was so nervous and kinda scared but in the end I had a great time. I got to know so of the girls there and found out that some where new at this whole lesbian thing as she was. I got some phone numbers of what would be some of my best friends. Lisa asked me to dance and I said yes, we danced for hours until our feet hurt.

I need to go outside for a smoke so Lisa came with me so I wouldn't be on my own. I lit up my cigarette and noticed that Lisa watched my mouth as I took a drag then look away when I saw her then I saw her blush then I blushed. I shiver because of the cold and Lisa put her arm around me for warmth she said and we both blushed. When I finished my cigarette we both didn't move we just looked at each other then Lisa leaned down and kissed me lightly on the lips, I was shocked but happy at the same time so I kissed her back. Lisa and I kissed for a whole ten minutes, yes I was that sad to count but it was the best kiss she had ever had. Lisa pulled back just so we could breath, we both blushed. Then Lisa took my hand and pulled me back into the party, all the women that hit on me backed off when they saw that I was holding hands with Lisa, we sat down at the dinning room table when we all got told that we where going to play some drinking games. I sat next to Lisa then the game started, after an hour I was drunk and so was Lisa.

We got a taxi back to her place, we held each other in the taxi. I was so happy that I couldn't believe that Lisa kissed me and now was feeling me up, this is it I was going to lose my lesbian virginity. We both stumbled out the taxi, giggled up to the front door then we both walked in very drunken like when the door was closed Lisa kissed me again but this wasn't like a sweet first kiss this was a hot sex kind of kiss. Lisa kissed as we stumbled along the hallway and up the stairs to her room. We started to take off each others clothes as we kiss each other and then things get a little out of control as I lose my lesbian virginity. After Lisa and I had sex we passed out until two hour ago.

Lisa had woken first then woke me up, I smiled at her then she smiled at me and kissed my forehead. My phone rang, it was my mother asked for me to be home now because she was waiting on a package to be delivered, so she wanted me to wait for it while she goes to the hospital to visit granny. I sighed and got up then got dressed, I kissed Lisa deeply before leaving her small house. I walked home cause I need to sober up a bit and when got home my mother ran out the house saying some kind of thank you for waiting for the package for her,I just nodded and waved her off. I walked up the stairs to my old room, I chuckles at the sight of it, my room was still bright pink with posters of hot guys and my mother had put rainbow covers over my bed. I laid on my bed and smiles. I couldn't wait to see Lisa again because she is my world now. Oh by the way my name is Megan. Megan Jones and I'm in love with Lisa Smith.

The End